Cursos Livres – ETA’s

Ofertados pelos ETA’s (English Teaching Assistants: professores norte-americanos) da UTFPR.

Coordenadora: Andressa Brawerman Albini

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Conversation Clubs – Through a variety of fun and engaging speaking activities, students develop and improve speaking skills in English among peers in a level-appropriate, low-stakes environment.

Summer camp: Come join Claire and Lauren for the ultimate American “summer” camp experience! We will enjoy games, crafts, songs, stories and gain an understanding of this American tradition. Welcome to camp!

Debate club: Is a hotdog a sandwich? Does pineapple belong on pizza? Is climate change the greatest problem facing humanity? Join us in Debate Club to express your opinions on these serious topics, both in writing and conversation!

Movie club: Whether you are a film buff or a casual movie viewer, movie club with Lauren is the perfect place for you! Join us for viewings of all kinds of movies and documentaries in English, followed by discussions of meaning, plots, characters, American film culture, and awards ceremonies.

Environmental club: Have you always wanted to “go green”? Our environmental club is the perfect opportunity for adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle! Come brainstorm with Lauren and Claire on personal sustainability habits, schoolwide projects, upcycling crafts, and fun field trips that will help us to connect with and preserve our earth’s environment.

Book club: Practice English through fun contemporary American literature with Claire! From young adult fiction to the New York Times bestseller list, explore a bit of what Americans are reading right now – and why!

Cultural minicourse: Marti Gras, baseball games, university life, the Fourth of July, American football, Thanksgiving, the 2020 election – learn about American holidays, pass times, political systems, college life & more!

Arts and culture: Have you always wanted to decipher English memes on Twitter and Instagram? Do you love to analyze works of art in museums and on the street? From pop culture to high culture, come learn about and discuss classic and contemporary American art, artists, music, film, and television.