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The submission of the full paper for S-LCA 2024 is open until January 22, 2024 through the system.


The Call for abstracts for the 9th International Conference of Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA 2024) is opened! We invite abstracts that address the following topics:

* S-LCA methodological developments: advances in data collection, indicators, impact assessment methods, uncertainty analysis, etc.

* S-LCA and ESG: integration of S-LCA with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria for sustainability reporting, disclosure, and investment decisions.

* Link between S-LCA and social sciences: interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the social impacts and benefits of products and services, such as behavioral economics, sociology, psychology, etc.

* SO-LCA for public management: application of S-LCA to support public policies, programs, and projects that aim to improve the social well-being of communities and regions.

* S-LCA to reduce global inequality: use of S-LCA to assess and address the social disparities and injustices caused by global production and consumption patterns.

Abstracts should be submitted online through the link., till December’s 3th, 2023. The abstract should not exceed 500 words and should include the following information:

* Title

* Authors and affiliations

* Keywords

* Main text (introduction, objectives, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions)

The abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and the authors will be notified of the acceptance by December 15th, 2023. 

The accepted abstracts will be presented either orally or as posters at the conference, and you can also opt to send a full paper by January 31st, 2024 if your abstract is accepted.


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