What is ExperimentAnima

ExperimentAnima is a scientific and technical event, but what does that mean? That means we promote projects and discussions about animation and involving animation, by considering these two aspects:

When it comes to the scientific aspect, the event includes nearing completion or already finished academic research that can range from undergraduate research, undergraduate thesis, graduate degree, master’s degree, doctor’s degree, and postdoctoral studies. The scientific category holds both the discussion board and work presentations, promoting connections between research hubs.

When it comes to the technical aspect, the event will discuss topics involving animation processes with different professional or amateur themes. This category includes the disclosure of projects and initiatives in progress or completed animation projects, through animation showcases, streams, an animator’s gallery and a post library. This way, we promote audiovisual exchange of experiences, creative inspirations and the convergence between the university and the professional market.


Dra. Elisangela Lobo Schirigatti (UTFPR)
Dr. Marcelo Abilio Públio (UTFPR)

Interns and Mentors
Camila Mondini (UTFPR)
Letícia Máximo Almeida Santos da Silva (UTFPR) 
Mateus Marins Pina (UTFPR)

Sofia Carlesso dos Santos (UTFPR)
Suelen Zaramela Schelemei (UTFPR)

Active Volunteers
Ana Teresa Pereira Lopes de Sousa (UTFPR)
Ariane Miwa Miake (UNESPAR)
Bruno Azzani Braga
Cauã Carriço Guerrero (UTFPR)
Gabriela Roque dos Santos (UTFPR)
Nicole Nauck Nicolau (UNIDOMBOSCO)
Talita Ribeiro Gonçalves (UTFPR)
Thiago Biazus Danieleski (UTFPR)

Scientific Committee
Dra. Ana Cláudia França (UTFPR)
Dra. Carla Schneider (UFPel)
Dra. Elisangela Lobo Schirigatti (UTFPR)
Dr. Glaucio Henrique Matsushita Moro (PUCPR)
Dr. Leonardo Rocha Dutra (UFMG)
Dr. Marcelo Abilio Públio (UTFPR)
Dra. Marcia Alves (UNICURITIBA)
Dr. Marcos Magalhães (PUCRIO)
Dra. Silmara Takazaki (UTFPR)
Dr. Ismael Scheffler (UTFPR)

Animation Showcase Committee
Bruno Azzani Braga
Sávio Leite (UNA)

Periodicity of publication: annual event

Contact Address: DADIN: UTFPR’s Industrial Design Department – UTFPR: +55 (41) 3310-4593

UTFPR: Federal University of Technology


CURITIBA CAMPUS: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165 – Rebouças

ZIP CODE: 80230-901 Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil

+55 (41) 3310-4545

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